Domestic Juvenile Sex Trafficking Bench Card

The Capacity Building Center for Courts has created a Domestic Child Sex Trafficking Judicial Desk Reference Guide.  This resource provides links and examples of how Court Improvement Programs (CIP) can implement P.L. 113-183.  Specifically, it addresses:


How to form a 113-183 Task Force


How to measure your success as a 113-183 Task Force


How to identify victims and potential victims of Trafficking


How to identify and provide services for victims/potential victims of Trafficking


How to be (Trafficking) Trauma-Informed and how to conduct a Trauma audit of your court


The PDF version is attached here and the web link to the resource is: file:///C:/Users/lesli/Downloads/113-183BenchReference-_ColorFixed-md4_jd4_cm-md-QF.PDF


Take Care,


Leslie Briner, MSW

P.L. 113-183 Sex Trafficking Constituency Group Lead


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