Understanding Trauma to Promote Healing in Child Welfare (Volume 17 of Insights)

Published: 2019
Journal Name: Insights (California Child Welfare Co-Investment Partnership)
v. 17, Part 1, Summer 2019, p. 1-16
Available from: California Child Welfare Co-Investment Partnership
http://www.co-invest.org/external link(opens in new window)
925 L Street, Suite 340
Sacramento, CA 95814
Printable version (PDF): http://co-invest.org/wp-content/uploads/Insights_XVII_June2019_Final.pdf external link(opens in new window)
Abstract: This brief explains children and families coming into contact with the child welfare system are often those with the most acute, severe, and persistent adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). Many children and youth not only suffer from neglect and abuse in the home, but are also affected by racism, poverty, and the legacy of historical, multigenerational trauma