Child Exploitation

Child Exploitation Resources for the K-12 Community

Protect children from exploitation by recognizing the risk factors and warning signs, knowing how to respond, and supporting students who have been victimized. Child exploitation can take many forms and affect young people of any background, demographic, or geographic location. … Read More

Louisiana Launches Hotline for Reporting Juvenile Sex Trafficking

Louisiana Department of Children & Family Services – January 09, 2023 Louisiana has launched a hotline for receiving reports of suspected juvenile sex trafficking, centralizing the calls to ensure closer coordination between state agencies, law enforcement, and service providers tasked … Read More

FY 2021 Report to the Committees on the Judiciary on the Study of Investigative Factors Related to Online Child Exploitation Report

NCJFJC-DOJ Number: 305136 Date Published: August 2022 After a comprehensive analysis of the scope of child sexual pornography on the internet, this report discusses its threat to children and issues involved in controlling and preventing it, followed by recommendations for … Read More

How can child protection agencies identify and support youth involved in or at risk of commercial child sexual exploitation?

The second largest criminal industry worldwide (second only to drug dealing and tied with the illegal arms industry), human trafficking is the fastest growing of all criminal enterprises. The commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) is one form of human … Read More