Human Trafficking

Economic Empowerment for People Who Have Experienced Human Trafficking: A Guide for Anti-Trafficking Service Providers

Introduction Human trafficking is a crime inextricably tied to economic victimization. Economic instability is a common precursor to human trafficking exploitation. During a trafficking experience, economic instability may be made worse if individuals are prevented from keeping or controlling their … Read More

Engaging Survivors of Human Trafficking

Survivor Engagement in the Anti-Trafficking Field: History, Lessons Learned, and Looking Forward Survivors of human trafficking play a vital role in combating this crime. Their perspective and experience should be taken into consideration to better address this crime and to … Read More

Experiences of Faith-Based Organizations as Key Stakeholders in Policy Responses to Human Trafficking

Introduction Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs) are key stakeholders in the fight against human trafficking [1,2]. They have had a historically prominent role in anti-trafficking efforts in Europe and the United States. Christian missionary societies established the anti-trafficking movement in the 1900s … Read More

Tools That Teach: What is Human Trafficking?

The Blue Campaign infographic resources will help you to answer the question, “What is Human Trafficking?”  Please help to bring this crime out of the shadows by sharing these materials on social media. WATCH VIDEO

SOAR Human Trafficking Training Framework

The SOAR framework is a trauma-informed, culturally and linguistically appropriate response to human trafficking. It provides a quick mental reference for professionals to keep how to help individuals who may have experienced trafficking. It is web-based self-study. Part 1: SOAR … Read More

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ACF Releases Resources to Strengthen the Child Welfare Response to Human Trafficking

U.S. Administration for Children and Families – January 18, 2023 As part of National Human Trafficking Prevention Month, the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) has released new resources to help state agencies and community providers strengthen the child welfare … Read More

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Standardizing Care for Clients Impacted by Human Trafficking

Released January 9, 2023 Link to full article and resources January is National Human Trafficking Prevention Month Visit disclaimer page, an opportunity to raise awareness on how we can all prevent and respond to human trafficking. Our theme for Human Trafficking Prevention … Read More

Louisiana Launches Hotline for Reporting Juvenile Sex Trafficking

Louisiana Department of Children & Family Services – January 09, 2023 Louisiana has launched a hotline for receiving reports of suspected juvenile sex trafficking, centralizing the calls to ensure closer coordination between state agencies, law enforcement, and service providers tasked … Read More

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January Is Human Trafficking Prevention Month

By now, many people have heard of human trafficking and slavery, but I always like to start any conversation about this issue with this fact: there are an estimated 50 million trafficked and enslaved people around the world. This number is shocking, … Read More

Human Trafficking and Child Welfare:
Scope of Agency Authority

Prepared by Samantha B. Charm, Natasha E. Latzman, RTI International Bethany Gilot, BGilot Consulting Introduction and MethodsHuman trafficking of children and youth, defined as the exploitation of minors for forcedlabor or commercial sex, is increasingly recognized as a public health … Read More