Experiences of Faith-Based Organizations as Key Stakeholders in Policy Responses to Human Trafficking

Introduction Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs) are key stakeholders in the fight against human trafficking [1,2]. They have had a historically prominent role in anti-trafficking efforts in Europe and the United States. Christian missionary societies established the anti-trafficking movement in the 1900s … Read More

A Research-Based Question and Answer Resource on Sex Trafficking for Youth-Supporting Professionals

This website answers common questions that youth-supporting professionals may have about sex trafficking, describes warning signs that a young person may be a sex trafficking survivor, and offers tips for starting conversations with young people who may be sex trafficking … Read More

SOAR Human Trafficking Training Framework

The SOAR framework is a trauma-informed, culturally and linguistically appropriate response to human trafficking. It provides a quick mental reference for professionals to keep how to help individuals who may have experienced trafficking. It is web-based self-study. Part 1: SOAR … Read More

Louisiana Launches Hotline for Reporting Juvenile Sex Trafficking

Louisiana Department of Children & Family Services – January 09, 2023 Louisiana has launched a hotline for receiving reports of suspected juvenile sex trafficking, centralizing the calls to ensure closer coordination between state agencies, law enforcement, and service providers tasked … Read More

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A Five-Year Analysis of Child Trafficking in the United States: Exploring Case Characteristics and Outcomes to Inform Child Welfare System Response.

Child trafficking is prevalent and poses a serious problem in Kentucky and throughout the United States. Though Kentucky successfully passed the Safe Harbor law in 2013, no residential treatment programs exist in Kentucky specifically for children who have been trafficked, … Read More

National Human Trafficking Hotline has added 24/7 SMS Texting and Online Chat Services in Both English and Spanish

Dear Friends, We are excited to announce that the National Human Trafficking Hotline has added 24/7 SMS texting and online chat services in both English and Spanish! Previously, human trafficking survivors and people reporting tips could call, email, or use a … Read More

Knowing the Signs of Youth Sex Trafficking

How You Can Help Human trafficking is one of the greatest issues the world faces today, and cases today are typically based in historical trauma. Native communities know this especially to be true. It is no secret that ever since … Read More

South Carolina Human Trafficking Task Force 2018 Annual Report

Human trafficking is often referred to as modern day slavery. It is a crime that poses immense human rights, public safety and public health concerns across the globe. In the United States, it has been reported in all 50 states … Read More